Board Nominations

Credit union members have the ability to petition for the position of Saratoga’s Community FCU Board of Directors. There are two board seats to be filled for 2019. A petition must be submitted in accordance with the following: A petitioning nominee must prepare and submit the Application for Nomination, the Statement of Consent to Serve, and the Petition forms. The forms can be obtained from the Nominating Committee by calling 518.682.3354.

The Nominating Committee must receive the completed forms at the credit union office, 23 Division Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 by March 13, 2020, 3:00 PM.

At least 1% or 60 eligible voting members must sign the Petition form(s). Each member must provide his/her printed name, signature, and address for member verification.

The Nominating Committee will review the petition nominee application and verify the nominee’s eligibility. If qualifying nominations are received by petition, the name of the nominees will be added to the ballot. No nominee will be added to the ballot unless they are nominated by the Nominating Committee or by approved petition as stated above. Failure to follow these procedures will prevent the petition nominee from being placed on the official ballot.