Never Forget a School Banking Day With Text Alerts!

It’s the easy way to remember when it is School Banking Day.  Text the appropriate short code to 67076 to begin receiving your reminder.  Our School Banking Program is open to student, teachers, staff, administration and parents too!

Text Short Code to 6706

Short Codes

 SCFCU Division          SCFCU Caroline
 SCFCU Lake                SCFCU Greenfeild 
 SCFCU SSHS               SCFCU SSC
 SCFCU Malta              SCFCU Geyser 
 SCFCU Dorothy          SCFCU Maple 

School Banking Calendar
March 2017 April 2017 May 2017 June 2017                                           

Family Budgeting Worksheet
Teaching strong financial health can start at an early age with involving your kids at home.  Use our friendly family budgeting worksheet to get started.                                

Family Budgeting Worksheet