Student Banking Program

Join our Student Banking Program

We invite you to join our student banking program by establishing a credit union account for your child.  Open an account with as little as $5.00 and choose between a Student Savings Account and our UTMA Account programs.  

Account Description

Uniform Transfers to Minors Act


A custodian (parent, grandparent, family member or friend) opens an account for the benefit of the minor who ultimately owns the funds.  The minor does not have access to process transactions on the account as the custodian manages and has complete control over the account.

Student Savings & Checking Programs


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Great, you can add a checking or debit card to your membership by clicking below.

+ Checking/Debit Card

A joint account for the student and the parent/guardian where both individuals have access to and ownership of the account.

Student Checking and our rewards debit card is available for teens to add to their account as they grow in financial independence.  Parent or guardian is required on the account.

Parental Controls - Help your teen grow with their financial literacy and stay in control with our CardValet App.  Set spending limits on debit cards, turn cards on and off and limit merchant availability.  These helpful options allow your teen to use and learn about checking accounts while giving you peace of mind that they are using their account safely and responsibly

CardValet App


What is School Banking

School banking is available to students, educators, administrators, and staff members.  Our banking representative is available at your school to conduct transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and loan payments. We can also open accounts and answer any questions regarding your account, home equity loans, student loans, auto loans, re-financing, and mortgages.

School Banking Update - Temporarily Suspended

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our onsite banking days will be temporarily suspended.  We will continue to support the growth and development of our youth's financial habits by utilizing remote tools, videos and learning worksheets.  Visit our Facebook page for updates on programs, worksheets, games and more.

Banking for Kids
Our financial habits are learned at a young age and through financial literacy classes and in-school banking we can positively impact the future of today’s youth.  Encourage your child to save each week through our school banking program. We make it easy by bringing banking directly to your school!  Saratoga’s Credit Union is available at your child’s school allowing them to open a savings account to make deposits and maintain a growing balance.

Banking for the Young Adult
As your teen is making a transition into adulthood, they will start to experience more responsibility. This may come with starting their first job, preparing for college or saving for a car. Saratoga’s Credit Union is here to help during these life changing transitions. We offer products and tools to help both you and your teen to feel secure in your accounts. Whether it’s managing spending habits, learning how to budget or saving for something special, we have you covered.

Scholarship Program
Saratoga’s Credit Union proudly supports our community’s college-bound high school seniors by providing up to two, $1,000 scholarships each year. Applications are accepted between November and January and there is no fee for submitting an application. Read More...

Text Alerts
Text your school code to 76076 and we’ll send you a reminder when we are visiting your school.

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Financial Literacy Programs & Tools

Teachers and parents can take advantage of all we have to offer to help educate their students about financial literacy.

Student Envelopes
Envelopes are available to help parents and students keep track of their weekly deposits.  Please give us a call at 518.583.2323 or send us a secure email to request an envelope for your student.

Educational Programs
Saratoga’s Credit Union is available as a FREE resource to enhance the program in the classroom. We offer educational events and activities used to complement and reinforce lesson plans. Contact us to plan a program today! 518.583.2323


Worksheets & Tutorials

Goal Worksheet
Help your child stay focused on the future with our goals worksheet.  Work together to set an achievable goal and watch how small savings can grow quickly.
Coin Learning Worksheet
Teach your child the value of each coin with this coin calculating sheet.  Your child will be tasked with adding up the total amount of coins pictured helping them to understand the different values each coin represents.
Teen Worksheet
Learn what the difference is between a credit union and a bank, and see the different ways you can access your account.
Mobile Banking Guide
Step-by-step guide to establishing an online and mobile banking account.