School Banking

What is School Banking?

School banking is available to students, educators, administrators, and staff members.  Our banking representative is available at your school to conduct transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and loan payments. We can also open accounts and answer any questions regarding your account, home equity loans, student loans, auto loans, re-financing, and mortgages.

Student Envelopes

Envelopes are available to help parents and students keep track of their weekly deposits.  Please give us a call at 518.583.2323 or complete our contact form to request an envelope for your student.

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Great Benefits

It’s never too early to learn about money management.  Our financial habits are learned at a very young age and through financial literacy classes and in-school banking we can positively impact the future of today’s youth. Encourage your child to save each week through our school banking program.

Elementary and Middle School
Saratoga’s Credit Union is available at your child’s school allowing them to open a savings account to make deposits and maintain a growing balance.

High School
As your child transitions into their teens, added responsibility is expected with debit card purchases, allowances, and part-time employment. Set up a Basic checking account and monitor your teens deposits, spending, and budgeting routine.

Educational Programs

Saratoga’s Credit Union is available as a FREE resource to enhance the program in the classroom. We offer educational events and activities used to complement and reinforce lesson plans. Contact us to plan a program today!


Text your school code to 76076 and we’ll send you a reminder when we are visiting your school.

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Want to become a member?
Great! You and your child can become one by simply opening an account.

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Existing Members
Interested in adding a checking or debit card to your teen’s account?  No problem, add an account or debit card by clicking below.

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2019-2020 School Banking Calendars

Click on your school below to view the school banking schedule for the 2019-20 school year.