Sprig Mobile Deposits

Please Write “Mobile Deposit” or “Sprig Mobile Deposit” On Checks Deposited through the Sprig Mobile App.

Effective July 1, 2018, all checks deposited through our Sprig mobile app must now have the words “Mobile Deposit” or “Sprig Mobile Deposit” included as part of the endorsement on the back. This is required as part of a new regulatory provision (Reg CC) designed to protect against checks being deposited more than once.

Checks deposited without the endorsement will be returned.

The first time you sign on to Sprig after July 1, you will be asked to accept an updated Terms of Use that includes this requirement. You’ll also be reminded each time you make a mobile deposit: As part of the deposit process, you’ll see a screen that reads, “Please endorse the back of your check and write: Sprig Mobile Deposit.” 

Thank you for your help.