Payments, Billing and Payroll

An important piece of your business is accepting payments from customers and processing payroll for your employees.  Without both pieces your business would not be able to succeed.  We understand the importance of flexible payment processing and accurate payroll at an affordable price.  We are so confident in these products and services that we want you to take advantage of a special offer. 

Merchant Processing Special
Meet or Beat Program:  If we cannot meet or beat your current merchant services program you will receive $250.
Payroll Processing Special
Try our payroll service FREE for 60 days.  More cost effective than in-house solutions and less expensive than most providers.  

Payment Services

Accepting electronic payments can increase your sales, cash flow, and customer satisfaction. Allow your customers the freedom and flexibility to pay how they wish.  Saratoga’s Credit Union has partnered with Newtek, The Small Business Authority to provide your business with a complete menu of payment acceptance options.  We are so confident in Newtek’s servicing and pricing that you will receive $250* to your business if they cannot meet or beat your “true effective rate” from your current merchant processing provider. 

Mobile Payments

Turn your smartphone into a FREE credit card terminal
Many businesses are on the go and today’s technology makes processing payments simple for industries that were historically difficult.  NewtPay Mobile is all you need to get your business started or expanded to remote payment solutions.  There are no upfront costs, and all you need is a smartphone and you can accept secure payments from virtually anywhere.  Mobile payment solutions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketplace for their ease, low costs and advantage over the competition.

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Apple Pay & Google Wallet

Ensure your business is up to date with the latest payment technology.  Newtek Payment Processing Solutions offers equipment that will work with contactless payment options such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.  Newtek has a wide variety of NFC-enabled devices that you can deploy to allow you to accept contactless methods of card payments.

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Credit and Debit Card Acceptance — Get Ready for EMV

Purchasing goods and services through debit and credit cards has become a typical form of payment in today’s society.  And to meet the growing needs of our clients, we are offering an array of merchant processing services that are designed to help your business grow. Whether you’re in a stationary location, online or on the road, we have a solution for your processing needs.

Enhance your flexibility by accepting debit and credit card payments from anywhere at any time through Newtek’s own secure gateway, which was acquired to ensure the security of your financial information.

Are You Ready for EMV?
Protecting your business and helping you succeed is our goal. We are here to help you transition to EMV with the best in class products, solutions and expertise.

Online Payments

Buying and selling online is an important part of all types of businesses.  Connect with your clients and provide customers with a convenient and secure online business featuring a shopping cart and a secure Internet payment gateway.

Newtek has created a new merchant account service to help you get the most out of your business. NewtPay™ and NewtPay™ Pro offer a unique and effective alternative to online payment methods, with faster funding and superior rates than PayPal™.

In addition to saving you money on every purchase your customers make due to our highly-competitive rates, these revolutionary services can be integrated effectively into any physical or online business. To make the process truly risk-free, no application fees or commitments are required.

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Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

Gift and loyalty card programs create loyalty which equates to more business.  Gift cards make great presents for all types of holidays and can introduce your business to new potential clients.  Incorporate gift and loyalty programs to expand reach into new clients and reward your devoted customers.

Let Newtek perform a free, no obligation, analysis of your current merchant processing environment in order to reduce your costs and ensure the most efficient program possible.

ACH & Check Services

Many customers continue to prefer direct payments from their checking accounts in the form of ACH or other check writing services. Allow your customers to make payments directly from their checking or savings accounts.  Increase sales and manage risk by accommodating check writing customers.  Accept paper checks with convenience and confidence using check verification services.  Newtek provides state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate various check writing services including the following:

Check Conversion
Check conversion "deposits" consumers’ paper checks by converting them into ACH debits from the consumers’ checking accounts. The result of the conversion is comparable to a debit card transaction.

Check Verification
Convenient and inexpensive option for to reduce exposure to returned checks by identifying consumers who have unusual levels of recent check writing activity and who are listed in a nationwide database of “bad check writers.”

Check Conversion with Guarantee
Accept checks that you might otherwise decline.  Simply scan a customer’s check through a POP reader or enter the customer’s checking account information into your credit card terminal. Within seconds, the check writer is compared with a database of millions of records and an approval decision is issued. If an approved check does not clear the bank, you are quickly reimbursed the full amount of the check.

Electronic Check Recovery (RCK)
Returned checks are resubmitted two additional times for collection. Merchants receive 100% face value of the check if successfully collected through RCK.

Recurring Debit
Through recurring debit customers can make regular (e.g., monthly) payments automatically from their checking account. One-time debits are also available.

Billing Services

We provide complete paper-based billing services. We’ll print and mail statements to your customers detailing account activity and balances. This service also affords you the opportunity to include advertisements or promotional materials along with the statements.

  • Outsource Your Printing & Mailing House Account Statements
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Track Past Due Customers
  • Keep Collection Costs at a Minimum
  • Personalize Mailing Inserts Available
  • On-Site Remote Deposit Capture Available
  • Off-Site Lockbox Available
  • Receivable Financing Available

Payroll Services

Save time, money and eliminate liability for calculation errors or mis-payment.  Manage payroll easily online with just a few clicks.  We believe that every business deserves a superior payroll service, so we offer our premium Payroll Pro service to all of our clients at a flat rate that fits within any budget. Select further add-ons such as Online HR Support and Time Clock Import to customize your payroll experience.

Our relationship with Newtek, The Small Business Authority allows us to provide you with a complete payroll processing service.  We are so confident in these products and services that we want you to take advantage of 2 FREE MONTHS OF PAYROLL!

Features & Benefits

  • More cost effective than ADP™ & Paychex™ (20% savings)
  • More cost effective than in-house payroll solutions
  • More customer functionality with our software than ADPTM & PaychexTM
  • Personalized dedicated customer service representative

Payroll Service Includes:

  • Concierge Support & Single Point of Contact
  • Payroll Management Reports
  • No Touch Tax Management
  • Online Paystubs & W-2’s
  • Instant Online Payroll
  • HR Support Center
  • New Hire Reporting

Paying Your Employees

  • Direct Deposit: Eliminates trips to the bank and allows your employees freedom to bank anywhere they choose.
  • In-House Check Printing: If you prefer to pay your employees with paper checks, simply print them on check stock from your office printer.
  • Check Printing and Delivery: Newtek will print your checks for you and have them delivered to your office or employees.

Let our professionals take responsibility for calculating checks and withholding payments and making tax deposits. We also provide complete quarterly and year-end tax reporting. Relax; leave the payroll hassle to us!

* Rate and price comparisons are based upon the calculations provided by Newtek Merchant Solutions. The most recent two (2) month’s credit card processing statements are required to calculate the “true effective rate.” Pricing comparison applies to Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover Network® credit card processing rates and other normal monthly fees only, but not to include one-time set up, hardware or software fees.   If Newtek cannot meet or beat your current merchant processing program cost, you will receive a $250.  Select business types are not eligible for the $250 Meet or Beat Offer. Ineligible business types include, but are not limited to: travel agents, ticket brokers, airline tickets, debt consolidation/collection services, dating services, online dating sites, financial consulting, recurring billing or continuity merchants, computer software sales, discount clubs, or custom furniture retailers. The $250 will be paid in the form of a check within 45 days of initial consultation. Limit one offer per merchant relationship/business entity.  Offer is only available to new Newtek Merchant Solutions – The Small Business Authority customers.

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