We applaud you in your decision to invest in your future, but also understand that higher education is expensive as tuition, fees and books can add up fast.  That’s where your local credit union comes in.

We offer financing for higher education loans for community college, 4-year colleges & universities, graduate school and trade schools, as well as K-12 parochial and private schools.

Visit our resource section below to explore the student lending options available to you.

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Do you need help completing your FAFSA? Are you unsure of how to interpret your award letter?  Are you overwhelmed by the lingo of the financial aid world?

Our FREE College Access Counselor can provide personal, one-on-one consultation for all of your financial aid questions. Whether you’re a parent, high school student, or college graduate entering loan repayment, our counselor can walk you through the necessary steps to make smart decisions about paying for college – and beyond.

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College is an exciting time but we understand that higher education can be expensive.  Don’t let tuition, books, and living expenses deter you from chasing your dreams.  Through our partners, your education can be financed in a few easy steps.

College Financing is offered for:

  • Community Colleges
  • 4-Year Colleges and Universities

What You Need to Know about our College Financing:

  • Helps fill the funding gap when scholarships and financial aid are not enough.
  • Zero origination fees
  • Fully deferred payment option available
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Competitive rates
Skidmore College Suny Adirondack
Hudson Valley Community College State University of New York - Empire State College


Consolidation Loans

Combine multiple private student loans into one convenient payment, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest.  Our consolidation loan features a competitive variable interest rate, zero origination fees and a 15-year repayment schedule.

  • Consolidate up to $100,000 in private student loans
  • Receive a 0.25% rate discount for automatic electronic payments

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Childcare, Private and Trade Schools

We understand that childcare and private school tuition and fees can add up, but the educational experience is worth every penny. That's why we offer an education loan program for Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

We also understand obtaining the training and skills you need to get into the workforce can be costly.  The credit union can help you with expenses needed to attend our local community colleges or a trade school of your choice.

Whether you need a little money to help pay expenses or have to cover the full cost of education an education loan can help you get the money you need.

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Filling out the FAFSA

Take the guess-work out of filling out the FAFSA with these tips for college-bound students and parents.


iGrad Financial Literacy Tools

Take command of your financial future with the best financial education tools available.  Let us be your financial partner for life.

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Managing Debt After College

It may seem like a challenge to manage debt after you’ve achieved your education goal.  Check out our helpful tools to get your post-college finances under control.