Skip-a-Pay application

It's okay to skip your loan payments with Skip-a-Pay!

Skip-a-Pay allows members to defer up to two (2) loan payments a year for only $35/skip.  Choose to skip consecutive or varying months. Simply fill out the form below indicating which loan you would like to skip your monthly loan payment for and we will take care of the rest.  To qualify, loans must be paid up to date and cannot be delinquent.

Skip-a-Pay may be available on the following programs:
Auto | Boat/RV | Credit Cards | Home Equity Lines of Credit | Personal Loans

Note:  Fees will be collected at time of request.

*Please note some loan programs are not eligible for skip-a-pay including first mortgages, CU Student Choice Student Loans, closed-end home equity programs are excluded.  Skip-a-pay is not available in the first 12 months of the loan.  Member must be in good standing and not delinquent to qualify.  Two (2) skips per loan per year is calculated over a rolling 12 month period.  Member is responsible for stopping any automatic payments or payments scheduled through another financial institution.  Receipt of this form does not guarantee eligibility.

Personal Information
Please apply Skip a Pay Option to (at least one is required):
Loan: Payment Amount: Select Month to Skip Payment:
Processing Fee: Select option below for the $35/loan processing fee

Electronic Signature (type full name)
Acknowledgement for Skipping a Payment
By electronically signing and submitting, you authorize Saratoga’s Community Federal Credit Union to extend your final loan payment by one month and process the $35/loan processing fee. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment. All loan payments must be paid to date and not delinquent to qualify. A maximum of two skipped payments per loan are permitted in a 12-month period. Please complete this form 30 days in advance of the requested loan due date.