Make a payment

Introducing an Easier Way to Pay your Loans with Message Pay

Message Pay provides added functionality and ease when making a loan payment from another financial institution.  Plus, if you ever miss a payment, automatic text messages will be sent out as a courtesy reminder, keeping you on track.

Message Pay Enhancements

  • Immediate, Real-Time Posting of Payments
    Transactions will post to accounts immediately.
  • Text Message Reminders
    Automatic text messages are sent if a payment is missed as a courtesy reminder.
  • Payment Options
    Pay with a debit card or routing and account number from another financial institution.
  • Schedule Payments  
    Send one-time payments or create an automatic schedule
  • Create an Account to View Qualifying Loans Available to Pay through Message Pay
    Qualifying loans may include Auto, Personal, Home Equity, Boat/RV, Classroom Supply Assistance Loans
    • The following programs are not eligible to pay through Message Pay.  Call the credit union at 518.583.2323 to process a payment over the phone or use one of the options below.

Message Pay Login

Here's What You Can Expect

Message Pay will guide you to locate your account, set up a PIN to create an account and guide you to making your payments.  It is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Look Up Your Account
  2. Set a Pin
  3. Set a Payment