Fraud Text Notifications

It's Here!

We are excited to announce we have launched Fraud Text Notifications, a service to help with suspicious transaction verification. When fraud monitoring suspects unusual activity, a text will be sent to cardholders to validate if the transaction was authorized. Features include:

     •  Automatic enrollment at no cost
     •  Receive immediate fraud notifications
     •  The ability to validate suspicious activity with a YES/NO answer
     •  The convenience of SMS Text Message communication
     •  The ability to opt out at any time by responding directly to the text

If text remains unanswered or you do not have a text capable phone you will continue to receive the fraud phone calls that are in place today.

Please note, we will NEVER ask for personal information in a text. Our Fraud Text Notification service will only ask about a transaction and require a simple yes/no.

Be sure to have an updated cell phone number on file in order to receive these notifications. To update your number, go under the settings tab of online banking and click on your profile.


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