Important changes to your credit card

We appreciate your patience as we update our systems at the credit union and perform account maintenance in June 2024.  Enhancements include a new online banking platform for the credit card system and updates to the credit union's mobile banking app to include CardTrax and Spending Insights.  Please take note of the following dates and events as part of these changes. 

Credit Cards: Your physical card and card number will not be changed or impacted as a result of the updates.  All credit cards will continue to function as they do today.

Account Numbers:  Each credit card account has a unique account number in addition to individual card numbers within that account.  This number may change as a result of the updates.  You may use this number for payments or you may continue to use your card number for payment processing.

Account Maintenance:  Updates to the credit card system including address and phone changes, new and replacement card requests will be temporarily unavailable from June 19st and June 25th.

Please plan to inform the credit union of any needed updates during this period of time as soon as possible.

CardValet:  CardValet will transition to CardTrax.  CardTrax will be accessible directly from the Saratoga Federal Mobile App after June 25th.  This transition is a welcomed addition that will consolidate the apps at the credit union into one.  As part of the transition, CardValet will no longer be accessible beginning June 23rd.  Please note, this enhancement will impact both Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Alerts & Controls:  Debit & Credit Cards will automatically be loaded to the mobile app.  Any alerts & controls that were previously established in CardValet will need to be re-established when CardTrax becomes available after June 25th.

6/19/2024 - 6/25/2024 Online Banking:  Access to credit cards in online banking will be temporarily unavailable while we transition to a new and improved online experience.
6/19/2024 - 7/10/2024 incite Rewards:  Temporary delay in processing Incite rewards points.
6/21/2024 - 6/25/2024 Payments:  Temporary delay in processing payments during this time.  All payments will be posted once the system maintenance has been completed.
6/23/2024 CardValet:  No longer available as of 6/23/2024
6/26/2024 CardTraxCardTrax will replace CardValet and will be available within the Saratoga Federal mobile app after June 25, 2024.  Select the cards tab to enjoy all the benefits of CardValet in the convenience of one mobile app.  Please re-establish any CardValet controls and/or alerts at this time.